Bearing the R2E flag to NSREC 2022

Submitted by acoronet on Tue, 08/09/2022 - 13:14

Rubén García Alía, Andrea Coronetti and Pedro Martín Holgado flew to Provo, Utah, to represent CERN and R2E and present their current research activities at the 59th Nuclear and Space Radiation Effect Conference. During the conference the R2E team also joined the RADNEXT network at the industrial exhibit booth.

Andrea Coronetti

Andrea Coronetti gave one of the first talk of the conference on the subject of proton direct ionization upsets at tens of MeV, a quite unprecedented experimental results whose theoretical explanation was possible thanks to the recent G4SEE developlemnts.

Ruben Garcia Alia

During the poster session, Ruben Garcia Alia presented a poster on the feasibility and possible application of using fragmented heavy ion beams for the qualification of space electronics. Data were collected at GSI thanks to RADNEXT.

Pedro Martin Holgado

Also during the poster session, Pedro Martin Holgado presented his study related to predicting the performance degradation of optocouplers based on TID and displacement damage irradiations. Pedro is a visiting researcher in R2E who collaborated with Mario Sacristan Barbero, Rudy Ferraro and Ruben Garcia Alia for the making of this work.

Paul Phelps

Finally, Andrea Coronetti also received the Paul Phelps continuing education grant from the Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society. He joins Ruben Garcia Alia and Ygor Aguiar among the awardees for this prize currently working in the R2E project.

Andrea Coronetti