News & Achievements

Start of a CERN-ESA OSIP activity on COTS variability for space and accelerator and internship opportunity
CERN ESA OSIP COTS CERN R2E recently started an ESA co-financed OSIP activitiy titled 'Exploring device radiation variability and related assurance methodologies through large batch procurements' and is now seeking for an intern to work on integrated circuit platform development for SEE and TID testing.
Release of the open source tool G4SEE developed by CERN R2E

The new version of the G4SEE toolkit developed by David Lucsanyi, v0.5, was just released and made fully open-source

CERN R2E presentations at RADECS 2022
R2E Team at RADECS22

The RADECS conference took place in Lido of Venice, Italy from October 3rd to October 7th.

CERN tech in space: the first CERN-driven satellite has been successfully launched

With the launch of the CELESTA satellite for radiation monitoring in space, CERN shows its expertise in the field of radiation effects on electronics.

Bearing the R2E flag to NSREC 2022

Rubén García Alía, Andrea Coronetti and Pedro Martín Holgado flew to Provo, Utah, to represent CERN and R2E and present their current research activities at the 59th Nuclear and Space Radiation Eff

Investigating the exploitability of proton therapy centers at Quironsalud, Madrid

The R2E team in SY-STI-BMI has been looking for alternatives to perform proton testing and qualification of electronic devices for about one year.  Proton therapy centers represent a potential valu

The road to CHIMERA passes by GSI
GSI Cave A and R2E team The R2E team in SY-STI-BMI travelled to GSI (Darmstadt, Germany) for a test campaign with high-energy ions in the context of RADNEXT. The high-energy ions available at GSI have similar characteristics to the Pb beams under development at CERN through the CHIMERA project and allowed to collect meaningful benchmarks for the characterization of these future CERN beams.
NEAR Irradiation Station for R2M
NEAR robot A new parasitic, mixed-field, neutron-dominated irradiation station has been commissioned at CERN in June 2021. The station is installed at the NEAR area of the Neutron Time-Of-Flight (n_TOF) facility, taking advantage of the intense secondary radiation produced by the neutron spallation target.
R2E at Radecs Last month, the hybrid RADECS 2021, Sept. 13th-17th, Vienna conference took place, with a very strong representation of the Radiation to Electronics (R2E) @CERN project in Vienna, as well as a rich and varied set of contributions. 
Setup of NEAR irradiation stations
irradiation stations NEAR The recent upgrades of the pulsed #Neutron Time-of-flight (#n_TOF) facility enabled the setup of new #irradiation stations with neutron-dominated fluxes inside and outside of the target radiation shielding: the #NEAR irradiation stations for #materials and #electronics respectively.