Members & Structure

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R2E Members

Alessandro Zimmaro

PhD student in the BE-CEM-EPR section

He is currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree in system-level testing under radiation

Andrea Coronetti

Radiation effects engineer with CERN R2E and RADNEXT

Radiation effects on electronics, specializing physics and modelling, as well as radiation hardness assurance for devices and systems used at accelerators and in space.

Andreas Waets

PhD student in SY-STI-BMI section

Applied physicist, currently working on ground-based laboratory solutions for space radiation effects testing.

Auriane Canesse

Senior Applied Fellow in SY-STI-BMI section

Applied physicist & Data Scientist working on the radiation levels monitoring in the CERN injector complex.

Daniel Prelipcean

PhD student/Doctoral Candidate in the SY-STI-BMI section

Applied physicist focusing on Monte Carlo (FLUKA) simulations for radiation levels at CERN accelerators and irradiation facilities, as well as detector development and cali

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Experienced project graduate

Engingeer and physicist, working with high-level dosimetry measurements and radiation effects research.

Dávid Lucsányi

Fellow in the SY-STI-BMI section

Applied Physicist, specialized in Monte Carlo simulations, Detector and Nuclear Physics. Main developer of the G4SEE toolkit.

Eirini Tagkoudi

Senior Applied Fellow in the EN-EL-FO

Applied physicist, working on Distributed Optical Fibre Radiation Sensors (DOFRS) for monitoring the radiation dose levels in CERN's accelerators and transfer lines.

Giuseppe Lerner

Applied physicist, MCWG chair

Staff member of SY-STI-BMI working on beam-machine interactions for present and future accelerators, chair of the R2E Monitoring and Calculation Working Group (MCWG)

Ivan Slipukhin

Doctoral student

Electronics engineer with a background in radiation spectrometry instrumentation design, conducting studies on the radiation effects in electronics on component and system

Mario Sacristan Barbero

PhD student at SY-STI-BMI section

Physicist focused in radiation effects in semiconductors and EEE parts.

Matteo Cecchetto

R2E Senior Fellow

Electronic engineer specialized in radiation to electronics effects (PhD) with a focus on neutron interactions (Monte Carlo simulations).

Rubén García Alía

R2E project leader

Radiation effects physicist, specializing on Monte Carlo simulations and Radiation Hardness Assurance in high-energy accelerators.

Rudy Ferraro

Lead Radiation Effect Engineer in R2E/RADWG Testing Service

Radiation effect engineer, specialized in radiation effects and radiation testing of electronics for High-energy particle accelerators.

Ygor Q. Aguiar

Senior Fellow

Electronics engineer, specialist in microelectronics, radiation effects, hardening techniques and Radiation Hardness Assurance (RHA).