R2E Committee Chairman:  R. Losito
R2E Project Leader:  M. Brugger

Scientific Secretary: M. Calviani

Secretariat:  G. Jean

Date News & Announcements
22-NOV-2013 BI R2E Workshop (Indico)
14-NOV-2013 RadWG Meeting (Indico)
14-NOV-2013 RADECS R2E A&T and PH/ESE Discussion (Indico)
01-NOV-2013 EPC R2E Status & Requirements (Indico)
24-OCT-2013 QPS R2E Status & Requirements (Indico)
12-SEP-2013 RadWG Meeting (Indico)
25-JUN-2013 RadWG Meeting (Indico)
06-JUN-2013 QPS/EPC joint meeting (Indico)
23-MAY-2013 Fraunhofer Test Campaigns (Indico)
21-MAY-2013 ADC Latch-up Tests (Indico)
08-MAY-2013 RadWG Meeting (Indico)
25-MAR-2013 RadWG Meeting (Indico)
12-FEB-2013 RadWG Meeting (Indico)
13-DEC-2012 RadMon mini-Review (Indico)

R2E LMC Presentation (slides)

05-DEC-2012 RadWG Meeting (Indico)
04-DEC-2012 RadMon - RadTest Presentation during EN Meeting (slides)
30-NOV-2012 iQPS Power Block Review (Indico)
19-NOV-2012 PS-EAirrad start-up meeting (Indico)
23-OCT-2012 R2E Extended Project Meeting (2011 Review Follow-Up)
16-OCT-2012 RadWG Meeting (Indico)
23-AUG-2012 RadWG Meeting (Indico)
09-JUL-2012 QPS mini-Review (website, time-table)
06-JUL-2012 RadWG Meeting (Indico)
05-JUL-2012 10th R2E Project Meeting (agenda, minutes)
08-JUN-2012 11th MCWG Meeting (agenda, minutes)
11-MAY-2012 9th R2E Project Meeting (agenda, minutes)
08-MAY-2012 RadWG Meeting (Indico)
16-APR-2012 10th MCWG Meeting (agenda, minutes)
06-MAR-2012 RadWG Meeting (Indico)
FEB-2012 Chamonix LHC Workshop 2012
(R2E related presentations: 2011/2012, LS1, after_LS1)
01-FEB-2012 R2E Presentation during the EA-Day (see slides)
27-JAN-2012 9th MCWG Meeting (agenda, minutes)
19-JAN-2012 8th R2E Project Meeting (agenda, minutes)
17-JAN-2012 RadWG Meeting (Indico)
12-DEC-2011 R2E Presentation during the Evian 2011 Workshop (see slides)
NOV-2011 Internal/External R2E Review (website, time-table, conclusions)
15-NOV-2011 RadWG Meeting (agenda, minutes)
11-NOV-2011 8th MCWG Meeting (agenda, minutes)
09-NOV-2011 LMC PLC SEE update (see slides)
04-OCT-2011 RadWG Meeting (agenda, minutes)
22-SEP-2011 7th R2E Project Meeting (agenda, minutes)
21-SEP-2011 LMC regular update (see slides)
15-SEP-2011 TRAD Final Analysis (see report, slides, notes)
25-AUG-2011 RadWG Meeting (agenda, minutes)
23-AUG-2011 LMC regular update (see slides)
21-AUG-2011 CMAC R2E Presentation (see slides)
18-AUG-2011 7th MCWG Meeting (agenda, minutes)
17-AUG-2011 H4IRRAD Overview (see slides)
03-AUG-2011 LMC Brainstorming - 2E33 and R2E (see slides)
21-JUL-2011 6th R2E Project Meeting (agenda, minutes)
20-JUL-2011 LMC Presentation of PLC failure in US45 (see slides)
19-JUL-2011 R2E MD Preliminary Analysis (see slides)
15-JUL-2011 Mini-Chamonix: R2E 2011 Status & Outlook (see slides)
28-JUN-2011 R2E and Single Event Upsets, Summary and update (see slides)
28-JUN-2011 RadWG Meeting (agenda, minutes)

5th R2E Committee Meeting (agenda, minutes)

14-JUN-2011 Collimation Review IR7 Status (see slides)
26-MAY-2011 5th R2E Project Meeting (agenda, minutes)
25-MAY-2011 UJ14/16 Mitigation Update - LMC Update (see slides)
18-MAY-2011 RadWG Meeting (agenda, minutes)
04-MAY-2011 Collimator Control SEEs - LMC Presentation (see slides)
19-APR-2011 R2E PH/ESE Seminar (see slides)

4th R2E Committee Meeting (agenda, minutes)

12-APR-2011 RadWG Meeting (agenda, minutes)
07-APR-2011 4th R2E Project Meeting (agenda, minutes)

QPS Failures - LMC Status Report (see slides)

15-MAR-2011 Safe-Room Discussion (see slides)
15-MAR-2011 RadWG Meeting (agenda, minutes)
11-MAR-2011 R2E Seminar (see slides)

3rd R2E Committee Meeting (agenda, minutes)

03-MAR-2011 3rd R2E Project Meeting (agenda, minutes)
15-FEB-2011 RadWG Meeting (agenda, minutes)
26-JAN-2011 R2E Presentations of Chamonix 2011
(Integration and Implementation, R2E Project Report)

2nd R2E Committee Meeting (agenda, minutes)

18-JAN-2011 RadWG Meeting (agenda, minutes)
13-JAN-2011 2nd R2E Project Meeting (agenda, minutes)
02-DEC-2010 1st R2E Project Meeting (agenda, minutes)
25-NOV-2010 1st R2E Committee Meeting (agenda, minutes)
15-NOV-2010 P5 Baseline discussion (see presentation 1, 2, 3, summary)
08-SEP-2010 48th R2E meeting (minutes)
01-SEP-2010 R2E Justification and Early Monitoring talk (67th LMC meeting)
(see slides and  minutes)
30-JUN-2010 R2E Summary of the R2E Workshop during the 62nd LMC meeting
(see slides and  minutes)
24-JUN-2010 47th R2E meeting (minutes)
8-10-JUN-2010 R2E Workshop (see program)
01-JUN-2010 19th RadWG meeting (link)
20-MAY-2010 46th R2E meeting (minutes)
18-MAY-2010 18th RadWG meeting (link)
03-MAY-2010 17th RadWG meeting (link)
29-APR-2010 45th R2E meeting (minutes)
26-APR-2010 R2E report at the MAC meeting (see slides)
22-APR-2010 16th RadWG meeting (link)
15-APR-2010 44th R2E meeting (minutes)
14-APR-2010 R2E Input for the MTP during the 52nd LMC meeting (see minutes)
13-14-APR-2010 Internal/External Power-Converter Review (see program, report)
07-APR-2010 R2E Presentation during the 51st LMC meeting (see minutes)
01-APR-2010 43rd R2E meeting (minutes)
25-MAR-2010 15th RadWG meeting (link)
11-MAR-2010 42nd R2E meeting (minutes)
03-MAR-2010 R2E Presentation during the 46th LMC meeting (see minutes)
03-MAR-2010 14th RadWG meeting (link)
18-FEB-2010 41st R2E meeting (minutes)
09-FEB-2010 Extended R2E Seminar (see Presentation)
04-FEB-2010 40th R2E meeting (minutes)
27-JAN-2010 R2E Presentation at the 2010 LHC-Performance Workshop
20-JAN-2010 39th R2E meeting (minutes)
06-JAN-2010 38th R2E meeting (minutes)
03-DEC-2009 13th RadWG meeting (link)
02-DEC-2009 37th R2E meeting (minutes)
18-NOV-2009 36th R2E meeting (minutes)
04-NOV-2009 35th R2E meeting (minutes)
27-OCT-2009 Internal RadMon Workshop (link)
21-OCT-2009 34th R2E meeting (minutes)
15-OCT-2009 12th RadWG meeting (link)
07-OCT-2009 33rd R2E meeting (minutes)
30-SEP-2009 R2E Presentation to the 30th LMC:
(a) R2E Mitigation Project: Status Report (see slides)
(b) First Summary of 2009 CNGS Radiation tests (see slides)
23-SEP-2009 32nd R2E meeting (minutes)
03-SEP-2009 11th RadWG meeting (link)
26-AUG-2009 31st R2E meeting (minutes)
20-AUG-2009 10th RadWG meeting (link)
12-AUG-2009 30th R2E meeting (minutes)
22-JUL-2009 29th R2E meeting (minutes)
03-JUL-2009 9th RadWG meeting (link)
01-JUL-2009 28th R2E meeting (minutes)
30-JUN-2009 R2E Memorandum on Required Resources for Mid/Long-Term Actions to Further Mitigate LHC SEE Problems (see final version)
26-JUN-2009 R2E Report on Mid/Long-Term Action Plan to Mitigate SEE related Problems at the LHC (and required actions) (see final version)
24-JUN-2009 Meeting on Radiation Tolerance Status of Power Converters (see summary)
18-JUN-2009 8th RadWG meeting (link)
17-JUN-2009 R2E Short-Term Action Request presented to the 19th LMC
17-JUN-2009 27th R2E meeting (minutes)
10-JUN-2009 26th R2E meeting (minutes)
2/3-JUN-2009 1st combined R2E/PH School/Workshop (see program, and report)
28-MAY-2009 25th R2E meeting (minutes)
20-MAY-2009 R2E Update presented to the 15th LHC Machine Performance Committee
13-MAY-2009 24th R2E meeting (minutes)
06-MAY-2009 R2E Report requested for the 13th LHC Machine Performance Committee
29-APR-2009 234d R2E meeting (minutes)
24-APR-2009 7th RadWG meeting (link)
15-APR-2009 22nd R2E meeting (minutes)
14-APR-2009 R2E School & Workshop (see link)
03-APR-2009 6th RadWG meeting (link)
25-MAR-2009 21th R2E meeting (minutes)
18-MAR-2009 R2E LHCb Point-Review Report, presented to the 5th LHC Machine Performance Committee
12-MAR-2009 5th RadWG meeting (link, minutes)
11-MAR-2009 20th R2E meeting (minutes)
05-MAR-2009 R2E presentation during LHC Risk Review
26-FEB-2009 4th RadWG meeting (link, minutes)
18-FEB-2009 19th R2E meeting (minutes)
11-FEB-2009 18th R2E meeting (minutes)
04-FEB-2009 R2E_Report presented at the 2009 LHC Performance Workshop (Chamonix 2009 presentation and paper)
28-JAN-2009 17th R2E meeting (minutes)
14-JAN-2009 16th R2E meeting (minutes)
10-DEC-2008 15th R2E meeting (minutes)
26-NOV-2008 14th R2E meeting (minutes)
20-NOV-2008 3rd RadWG meeting (link)
05-NOV-2008 13th R2E meeting (minutes)
29-OCT-2008 R2E SEU Related Shutdown Work Summary Report, presented to the 8th LHC PerfC
27-OCT-2008 2nd RadWG meeting (link)
16-OCT-2008 12th R2E meeting (minutes)
16-SEP-2008 11th R2E meeting (minutes)
04-SEP-2008 10th R2E meeting (minutes)
01-SEP-2008 1st 2008 RadWG meeting (link)
21-AUG-2008 9th R2E meeting (minutes)
13-AUG-2008 R2E Status Report, presented to the 1st LHC PerfC [M. Brugger]
07-AUG-2008 8th R2E meeting (minutes)
24-JUL-2008 7th R2E meeting (minutes)
17-JUL-2008 Memo for temporary move of betatron cleaining to IR3
17-JUL-2008 6th R2E meeting (minutes)
03-JUL-2008 5th R2E meeting (minutes)
20-JUN-2008 4th R2E meeting (minutes)
12-JUN-2008 3rd R2E meeting (minutes)
29-MAY-2008 2nd R2E meeting (minutes)
21-MAY-2008 'Plans for minizing single event upsets in the LHC'
presented to the ICC [T. Wijnands]
15-MAY-2008 Continuation of the former electronics working group in form of the 'Radiation To Electronics (R2E) Taskforce', opening meeting (minutes)
23-APR-2008 'Reducing Radiological Impact in IR7'
presented to the LTC [R. Assmann]
11-APR-2008 'Radiation issues on electronics'
presented to the ICC [T. Wijnands]
13-FEB-2008 'Results of the working group on radiation to electronics in the LHC', presented to the LTC [R. Losito]


Last update: 27 Nov 2013