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Related Working Groups & Workshops & Activities

RadWG Meetings Radiation Working Group for A&T Sector
MCWG Meetings

Monitoring and Calculations Workings Group

Integration Studies

ICL Meetings, Studies & Layouts

Integration & Implementation

Dedicated meetings for integration/implementation and planning


General Planning and Coordination

LHC Collimation Working Group Collimation Working Group
Phase 2 Specification and Implementation Meeting Collimation Phase-II Specification Meeting
Experiments Radiation Monitoring Working Group Former LHC Experiment Radiation Monitoring Working Group
MPWG Machine Protection Working Group
PSIWG Former Pits and Service areas Integration
Working Group
RP LHC RP LHC Project Sites
RP SL RP SL Section
LPC LHC Programme Coordination web pages
EN/MEF LHC Planning LHC Planning and Coordination
LSWG (LHC MDs) LHC Studies Working Group (incl. MD Planning)
Former RadWG Workshops

Proceedings from the LHC Radiation Workshops

RadTest Planning

Continuously updated planning for RadTest Campaigns (int. RadWG)


LHC Statistics Statistics pages for LHC operation and Experiments
Beam Schedule Latest Version of CERN Beam Schedule Overview
CNGS Radiation Tests Planning Current planning for CNGS Radiation Tests and collection of required procedures
LHC General Access Conditions Status of General LHC Access Conditions
LHC Access Conditions Status of LHC Access Conditions (updated through CCC)
CNGS Electronics Measurement Log LogBook for CNGS Electronics Tests
Commissioning Documentation
... and files
planning and documentation related to commissioning
LHC Programme Coordination (LPC) Status, News, Luminosities & Planning
LHC Commissioning Current Status of Commissioning
(see also 2011 direct news link)
Failure Collections (RadWG, EPC-Table, EPC-logbook, Cryogenics1, Cryogenics2) Collected notes on possible SEE induced failures


LHC Status Display Online Vistar Pages
LHC DashBoard LHC Dashboard Summary (Plots)
LHC eLogBook (2nd server) BE/OP LHC eLogBook
Post-Mortem Database Operation fill summary and log including SEE flags
Combined Monitoring Tool
(Release Version, Beta-Version)
First Beta-Version of the Combined Monitoring Tool
LHC Super-Table Detailed Summary table for LHC Operation
LHC Statistics-Table LHC Performance & Statistic Summary Table
Accelerator Statistics Page Extractions for CERN Accelerator performances
LHC Controls Layout Page RadMon Detector Information
RAMSES (old)
RAMSES (new)
RAMSES (user)
The RAMSES RadiationProtection Monitoring System
(the site is currently rewored -> update will change adr.)
LHC RadMon List List of currently installed RadMons and related Settings
LHC_RadMon_Docu Documentation, Pictures and RadMon Installations
RadMon Locations (TAP + Mon div.) WorldFIP inventory for RadMons
RadMon Documentation Documentation related to RadMon Detectors
TIMBER (interface)
TIMBER (website)
TIMBER is the user interface to the LHC Logging System. The application (JAVA) is only accessible from the CERN Intranet.
BLM Info
Collected BLM detector and system information
(and weekly summaries)
BLM Locations
Marked BLM locations on technical drawings
RP information site for LHC activities (restricted)
RadMon Interface
General Interface to retrieve LHC RadMon readings
RadMon CNGS Interface
Specific RadMon Interface to retrieve CNGS Readings
Accumulated LHC Luminosity
Continuously updated luminosity plots (LPC)
SEUs observed in FGCs of power converters
TE/EPC Events: Last D/W/M/Y/All
Power-Converter Failure History


Naming Conventions List of Naming Conventions, Definitions, etc...
List of Ouvrages List of Buildings/Areas
CDD CERN Drawing Database
Mechanical Layout Browsable LHC Layout


Integration Website

ICL LHC (P1, P4, P5, P7, P8)

LS1 R2E Related Tables

I.C.L - Photos

Photos of Areas and Integration Sites

I.C.L - kosmicki

Kosmicki's page with complete set of links
Collection for Integration Additional Collection of Integration Documents
LHC Layout Database (+areas) Database for all LHC objects
LHC Optics Optics Database
Collimator Types List of different Collimator Types
BLM Installation Drawings Collection of BLM Installation Drawings
LHC, SD and AS overview Overview of LHC Access Doors and Restrictions
Pictures of LHC (elements, sectrions) Integrated in the layout DB, click on LHC, sector...
Overview, List, Sector 1-2, Sector 2-3, Sector 3-4, Sector 4-5, Sector 5-6, Sector 6-7, Sector 7-8, Sector 8-1 and Simplified Location of equipment in the LHC DS and ARC

Radiation Level Summaries

ATLAS Raditiation Documents Collected information related to ATLAS radiation levels
LHCb UX85 Radiation Levels Collected radiation levels for the UX85 cavern (FLUKA)
LHCb related documents Collected information related to LHCb radiation levels


IMPACT access/intervention handling for coordination approval
ICL/MEF roles/tools/contacts List of contacts/roles & tools in the context of integration and respective follow-ups
LHC Access Conditions and ADAMS Access Conditions for the LHC
R2E DFS Workspace DFS Workspace created for R2E use
Check Access Rights ADAMs page to verify access rights (Persons -> Access to Zones -> "Filter Enrolment" -> OK if "V"
LHC Optics
LHC Optics Page for TWISS layout, etc...
RadMon Technical:
- Warnings & Errors
- Status
RadMon technical information and operational status
Lumi Tool
Luminosity calculation tool (beta version from Massi)
BE-OP Piquet Overview Overview of Piquet contacts
Power Converters Link to TE-EPC, Power-Converter Information
R2E Power Converters R2E TE-EPC project -> PC R&D
Expected Failures for Power Converters Summary table of extrapolation of failures including mitigation actions
EDMS Standalone Tool to download EDMS structures locally
WAT TOOL WAT (Work Acceptance Tool) for Interventions

Injection Schemes

Overview and details of LHC injection schemes

2010 2011

R2E Training Courses by R. Gaillard

GIS Radiation

RP Radiation Levels CERN-wide (Activation)

RadWG Document Collection

Literature and RadiationTest related documents

CINDAS (Material/Packaging)

Database collection for aerospace structural metals ASMD, microelectronics packaging MPMD and thermophysical properties of matter TPMD


Nucleide, Isotope database

Related Activities, Presentations & Information

PH/EP/ESE Seminars a helpful collection of PH/EP/ESE seminars related to radiation damage and respective electronics/detector design
ATLAS Radiation Hard Electronics   former collection of ATLAS radiation hardness approach, documentation and related information

Radiation Tolerant/Hard Components & Related Information

Texas Instrument

Texas space guide that lists some components used for space: in many cases one can get the same circuit in a commercial/cheap version (looking for similar type code) and the only difference may possibly be the packaging and particular testing/qualification.


Last update: 09 Jan 2014